Knife Crime Prevention & Victim Support.

Heartspoken was founded by longstanding knife crime prevention advocate – Sarah Lloyd. Since 2013 Sarah has campaigned alongside several regional bodies for the prevention of knife related incidents & victim support across the UK.

Working with

Weapons Seizures

Figures from West Yorkshire Police: Operation Jemlock. Since 2019.

Tracy Brabin - Mayor of WY

“What’s important to me, as the Mayor of West Yorkshire, is that early prevention. That upstream work to make sure that young people don’t feel they have to carry a knife.”

Early intervention

How Heartspoken has made a difference.

Delivery of Workshops and Talks

Providing knife crime reduction workshops and talks on the effects of knife crime and it's impacts - from lived experience. Tailored to audiences from schools students to young offenders.

Community Support and Engagement

Working with groups across Leeds and the wider region, supporting anti-knife crime initiatives and raising awareness.

Further Resource Development

Heartspoken has developed and published additional resources to support current actions - and to more effectively reach young people at risk of knife crime.

"Sarah has real drive and determination to make a difference. She has strived to further increase her knowledge and academic understanding of the issue by attending university. She is committed to supporting other families who have experienced loss as she has. I believe her passion combined with her lived experience means that she has a unique perspective to share with others."
Jessica Jennings
VRU Programme Delivery Manager