Our Work

Heartspoken works to reduce the number of knife related incidents and the lasting impacts these have on families and communities across West Yorkshire. Through a number of initiatives – detailed below – our work aims to prevent knife crime and the horrendous toll it takes on society.

Workshops and Talks

Providing knife crime reduction workshops and talks on the effects of knife crime and it’s impacts – from lived experience. Tailored to audiences from primary and secondary school students, to young offenders and decision makers.

To enquire about booking Heartspoken for a workshop or talk, see the enquiry form on the contact page.

Further Resources

Heartspoken has developed and published additional resources to support current actions – and to more effectively reach young people at risk of knife crime. Starting in 2022, with the release of ‘Life Without Kie’ on ebook and audiobook, for more information and access to educational packs get in touch.

Community Support

Working with groups across Leeds and the wider region, Heartspoken has supported anti-knife crime and awareness raising initiatives for over 9 years.

Media Appearances

Widely considered as a leading expert on the lived experience of knife crime in West Yorkshire, and increasingly as an academic on the issue. Sarah has spoken on radio, television, news and on documentaries.

Family Bereavement Support

Heartspoken has consulted and facilitated the development of bereavement support projects in Leeds, with a view to incorporate family bereavement support formally into the organisation in the future.